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Making this was so painful because i could only imagine what these characters would be like in smash

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I’ve received a lot of letters from artists asking to check out their artwork and their blog, and I’ve noticed that a lot of them openly write unhealthy amounts of negative comments about their artwork, it was super depressing, honestly.  :(
Confidence plays a very very important role as an artist, it’s what helps us learn and grow without the constant feeling of doubt and jealousy!  You are a unique individual who must go down your own unique path, and as scary as it sounds, you can’t rely on others to hold your hand all the way through.  You are the only one who can get yourself to where you need to go, and beating up your artwork is not the way!  Trust yourself and your abilities to make a change, and you can do anything!!

Love your art, love yourself!

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21-Draw - My First Art Publication!


Alright I’m officially allowed to announce that little project that I’ve been working on!

I will be in the upcoming “how-to” book 21-draw (! 21 Draw is a book about character design, movement and expression drawn by over 100 amazing artists who have worked for…

Well, either I don’t take much persuasion to part with my money, or I feel that this book is worthy of my cash… I’m thinking the latter one. I’m looking forward to getting my hands on this thing, it looks like it will be awesome. (bought the softcopy UK) 

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My second compilation of the ‘Yzma is Best Princess’.  This may be my last of the series for a while. I’m moving, and as much as I love making these and the lovely messages I get, I’m spending more time then I really can afford to on something that doesn’t pay bills.  Plus the more popular these get, the more time I spend reporting art thieves :/  I still have ideas for the series, but it may be a while before I convince myself I can do them.  Thank you to everyone and especially to those who have sent me lovely messages or were kind enough to put my text/source back when it was removed.  You guys are awesome :)

Watercolors, inks and a slight digital outline.   You can find prints and original paintings from the entire series here (I posted discount codes earlier):

*Please do not remove my text/source from my artwork.  If you cannot respect the time and effort I put into these to do that, then please do not reblog at all.  Thank you!

No, I mean Yzma really is best princess. I love crossovers. XD

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Infinite battle by Stephen Vyas.

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Collector’s Space Shuttle Screenprints!

I’ll be debuting 3 new screenprints at Comic Con next week commemorating the amazing Space Shuttle program which spanned 30 years! These will be available indivudually for $75 or as a set for $200. Each one is 10”x28”.

Come visit me and my friends Jasmin Lai and Tiffany Ford at Booth #5007!

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Just over here reading a book.  I’m not being creepy and trying to covertly videotape you on my iphone at all!  Why would you think that?

Why are you so good at relatable topics. 

Another time while at my work this happened however I am a very honest person. Now I work with Fitters, Electricians, Fabricators and Engineers. Unsurprisingly they have a lot of character in them, so I find them excellent study material. So I have this little black notebook I keep with me at all times (not allowed cameras or computers where I work) in which I write down little personality traits of people. 

Now, I’m an honest person, so someone came up to me and asked if I was taking notes on the CAD lathe we were working on. To which I replied “No, I’m meticulously writing down every little movement that guy (pointing to the one head deep into the machine) is currently doing as it almost seems his head is on a gyroscope staying steady whilst ripping cooling fans out. It’s just so mesmerizing I could use that in a character of my own at some point. It really shows his determination to complete the job” I say while looking at the guy who asked me the question. I hear fowl cursing from the guy in the machine, and just look down and write it down. As I look back up I get this mix of a man in shock, awe, surprise, condemnation and confusion looking at me “Oh wow, I like that” I say to him and go to write down the expression (those are the descriptive words above) When I look back up he’s wandered off. I note that down too. 

To this day I still don’t know what he was thinking of me but I don’t care. I got his amazing expression and personality so… Yeah. Thank you random dude who was on a job with me that one time. 

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Amazing Pokémon fanarts by Ryan Shiu

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