Guide: WQA's Guide to Internet Research


I get a lot of Asks from people who say they Googled their topic but didn’t find anything. Then I Google it and find a ton of resources. I prefer to think that this is because internet research can be daunting, so I am putting together this little guide in hopes…

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A Dorks View on Drawing


Okay internet this is what I keep seeing:

"You need talent to draw."

"You need to be born with the skills for X or Y."

I’m calling bubkis to that! I believe you need the passion and dedication to be able to draw.

True talent and skill will make it so that you can make a living at doing…

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thought my artsy friends might find this useful

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Doing this makes me feel really vulnerable because I am NOT capable of making good tutorials and there are much better ones out there, but I’ve been asked by a few people to make one. Here you go. XD

Next part (if I feel like making it) would be painting, and coloring, because I can actually do that sometimes. xD

"loong" is supposed to be "looking." I dont know how I managed to make that typo and I don’t know how I managed not to fix it. Im sorry. xD

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Some Ways to Avoid An Art Depression

(reposted because I thought it’s time and needed again)

Ok folks, Maybe this will help one or two of you, who are too much into a depression.

It sounds silly for some, but respect that I write this for people who have some trouble.

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How to make comics

My first vine

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Famous company logos on non-matching products

I feel so uncomfortable

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Sketch for a long overdue trade with the Con*tact Caffeine. I have to do some tweaks on it before tackling it this week.


Sketch for a long overdue trade with the Con*tact Caffeine. I have to do some tweaks on it before tackling it this week.

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Dipper - James Baxter
Original video:
  • Question: hey there! I've seen your drawings and do you have any tips on perspective? because when I try to draw some perspective the result is horrendous haha... :) - Anonymous
  • Answer:


    hay cozin! Your question is pretty vague, so I’m gonna assume you’re talking about drawing a figure in perspective.

    There are many many excellent tutorials on the internet about the basics of perspective, and it can get very technical very fast. So when it comes to applying those principles to your drawing, keep these things in mind:

    1. Decide what sort of “shot” you want for your art piece. There’s only 3 options!


    The level shot also doubles as an extreme upshot or downshot. (Looking straight up or straight down at something.)

    Make it easy on yourself and keep the vanishing point inside the canvas - it creates a deeper space, and makes it easier to stack multiple objects in frame. (The vanishing point falls slightly above the horizon, because of Earth’s curvature. But for simple figure drawing it doesn’t even matter. You can place it on the horizon line.)

    If you need them, you can add additional guides.

    So now you have your setup, and with the help of any basic tutorial you can place a cube shape into the scene.

    Easy peasy. BUT. For the purposes of drawing a figure, it’s more helpful to use a cylinder - cause most of the human body can be simplified into cylinder shapes. And here is where your best friend comes in:

    2. Use wrapping lines to define the volume of a shape: 

    In a downshot most of the wrapping lines will bow downward, in an upshot they’ll arch upward. In a level shot, they’ll arch up above the horizon line, and down below the horizon line. Totes easy.

    And so then you place the figure into your scene, and stack the shapes of the body according to perspective. Use as many wrapping lines (also known as contour lines) as you need to help you really see the form in 3D.

    Hope this helps. :)

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Scanned the Cat Collection from my #Inktober sketchbook. 

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King Lion - Milt Kahl
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